Order one of these flash wedding website templates or a variation thereof. We personalize each wedding web page for you. All edits and customizations you may need are included. Our wedding sites are packed with fab features. All our sites are now mobile friendly.

We offer 100% refund if you aren't totally happy with your site.

Need your wedding website to be bilingual? Let your guests choose which language they want to view your wedding web site in. Click here and here for examples of bilingual sites. We've designed Portuguese, Spanish, French and German wedding websites. We even design multi language sites i.e. in three languages!

Premium Wedding Website Templates

Mix and match any design elements from any of our templates to create your perfect unique site. Simply order and then tell us what you want. Any theme can be applied to your site.

All wedding websites include: visitor counter, countdown to your wedding date and music player with as many songs as you like. We also put the number of days you are married, after your wedding date. We upload a save the date page whilst your site is being designed. Click here and here to view our save the date page designs. Click here to view our slideshow save the date page.

Click here , here and here to view this weeks featured Nigerian wedding websites.


Avant-Garde Wedding Template
Finesse Wedding Template
Vogue Wedding Website
Scroll wedding template
Polaroid wedding template
Serendipity Wedding Template
Romantic, Elegant Theme
Flashy & Romantic
Very flashy
Stunning scroll theme for your wedding website!
Polaroid photo gallery,
(great Miami wedding website)
Simple & Romatic

Example 2
Example 3

(with background)

Example 2

Example 2
Natural wedding template
flash snow wedding template
Retro wedding template
Fun wedding template
Beach Wedding Websites
contemporary wedding template
Natural theme with browns & lovely fonts
Very Flashy & romantic
Light-hearted & fun
Beach Theme

multi-dimensional menus
      Example 2 after wedding
Two Different Cultures
No Couple Pictures
Tied the Knot
two different cultures getting married
Cartoon wedding template
Template with no couple pictures
Peacock FeathersWedding Website
Castle wedding template
Eloped wedding template
The perfect template for 2 different cultures & religions
Cartoon Theme
Plain & simple!
Peacock Feathers
Getting married in a castle? Have a look at these stunning castle wedding website templates!
Eloped or eloping?
Want a post wedding site to show your
wedding pictures?
  Example 2  


Free Wedding Website

This website is totally free - it's not a free trial - it's a free website! It is a great way of telling your family and friends to 'save the date' as well as announcing your wedding to all your friends! We offer 3 free wedding templates - choose one of the free save the date templates below. Please email the following to template choice, brides name, grooms name, wedding date & photo(s).

click to view click to view click to view
free save the date wedding page free save the date wedding site free save the date page with personal message
with up to 4 rotating pictures! with up to 4 rotating pictures! with personal message
(mobile friendly version)